Posted by Maxwell Hertan

Rinsed, Resin or Dark Denim:

 This is a deep indigo denim, free of any fading, whiskering, or distressing. It can vary from dark navy to a blue-black shade, and is often a stiffer fabric. This is a classic wash, and quite versatile. A dark rinse denim is a great choice for casual Friday as it looks far more polished than other washes, and the stiffer denim gives a more refined silhouette. I love dark denim with everything from pastels and neon’s to crisp bright’s and neutrals. Dark denim can also be paired with a variety of fabrics, from your favourite well-worn tee to silk and lace.

 Raw Denim:

 Raw denim hasn’t been treated, washed, or altered in any manner. It is crisp, rigid, but will eventually customize to your body. The colour will be similar to rinse denim, so you can pair it with most anything. To keep the colour rich, only wash when necessary, turn inside-out, and line dry.

 Stonewashed or Enzyme Wash Denim:

 This is a wash that was very popular in the ‘90s. Stonewashed denim is more blue than indigo, and has subtle fading from being washed with pumice stones or enzymes. Wear the following ways: stonewashed skinny jeans with a white boyfriend blazer and tan ankle booties, stonewashed boyfriend jeans with a striped off the shoulder slouchy tee and red ballet flats, stonewashed sailor-cut jeans with a black boat neck and platforms.

Faded Denim:

 Faded denim is back in fashion, but it’s still a very tricky wash to wear without looking like “mum jeans.” Were only if you have a very modern silhouette to the jean or are a true fashionista. To keep this wash looking current this summer, pair with pastels and an “arm party” of bracelets.

 Acid Washed Denim:

 This wash of denim has made a return, along with everything else from the ‘80s. This wash looks best with ‘80s-inspired colours – neon’s, bright pastels, or solid black for a “mall punk” effect. Though acid-washed denim has returned, that doesn’t mean you can whip out your oversized denim jacket from high school. This wash is best worn either tongue-in-cheek (high waisted cut-off shorts with a retro tee, or very narrow and modern (skinny jean with booties or a canvas shoe like Chucks or TOMS)

Dirty or Sulphur Wash Denim:

 This is a denim that has a slight brown, yellow, or green cast to it. It can be subtle or quite definite. This is a colour of denim that isn’t as versatile – paired with the wrong colour and it can look very dated or mismatched. Pair with black to showcase the colour, or with neon or a pastel where the tinge will make the top really pop.

Garment-dyed Denim:

 When jeans are dyed after being sewn together, you get a saturated colour free of the white threads typical in denim. Most coloured denim is garment-dyed, but there are also jeans out there in indigo shades that go through this process. Such jeans can either look quite refined and can pass as business casual trousers, or look quite cheap. TIP; keep the rest of your colours classic – navy and white stripes, white, cream, or pair with chambray to give it a more modern edge.

Sandblasted Denim:

 These are the jeans that are blue on the sides, but may be almost white on the front and back. They truly look as though they were sandblasted while on your body. Baggy sandblasted denim had its heyday, and right now sandblasted can look very dated unless you are a true fashionista. If you adore your sandblasted denim, consider a DIY project and made them look vintage (see below) with some shredding and fraying.

 Vintage or Aged Denim:

 This is a trend from my past that has made a welcomed return. Whether they come right off the shelf or are bought in your neighbourhood thrift store, vintage-looking or truly vintage denim is worn, weathered, and occasionally has rips or frayed spots and edges. Cuff for a “boyfriend” look and pair with a blazer and band tee shirt for a modern weekend look. Wear with a crisp white shirt and some killer heels for a fabulous happy hour ensemble. Go boho with a simple ribbed tank, colourful beads, and leather sandals. As long as the jeans have a flattering cut (nothing hanging off the rear, too short, dragging on the ground, too tight, has holes in the bum), vintage jeans can be quite versatile.